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Infertility Management

Dr Suchita Pisat handles the infertility management practice at the centre. Correction of defects by fertility enhancing endoscopic surgery is not enough if it is not followed up with appropriate fertility treatment. This treatment, in order to be effective, must be initiated as soon as possible after any corrective surgery. This maximises the possible benefits that the surgery will offer and a healthy pregnancy can be achieved.

Infertility FAQs- all YouTube videos. Link will be provided

  1. What are the common causes of infertility?
  2. Is the male partner also responsible for infertility?
  3. We are planning to get married in a few months. What are the tests that we should be doing to make sure that we don’t have a problem getting pregnant?
  4. We have been married for 1 year. There is tremendous pressure from my parents and in laws to have a baby. Is it time to see a fertility specialist?
  5. What tests are to be done if we are not able to have a baby?
  6. Do all couples who do not have a baby require IVF/ Test Tube Baby treatment?
  7. My tubes are blocked as per an X ray report (HSG). Can I never get pregnant?
  8. My sonography report shows a fibroid. I have heard that patients having fibroids can also get pregnant. Do I require surgery?
  9. My sonography report is completely normal. Then why should I undergo a laparoscopy?
  10. I have had an abortion in the past. Does that mean that it could happen again in the future?
  11. My Husband and I have busy work schedules. We don’t even meet each other for days. How can I get pregnant? I have heard about a procedure called IUI…
  12. Is IUI safe? Will I get any infection? How can I be sure that some other semen, besides my husbands, is not used?
  13. What exactly is IVF/ICSI? Which patients need IVF/ ICSI? Should I opt for this directly so that I do not waste any time trying to conceive by other means?