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Pregnancy Care

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  • What tests do I need to undergo before planning a pregnancy?
  • I am already over 35 years of age. Will this be a risk to me or my baby?
  • Diet: What food should I be eating in pregnancy?
  • Common myths in pregnancy and their answers
  • I am having slight bleeding at about 2 months of pregnancy. Why is this? Is it normal?
  • Activity and Exercise in pregnancy
  • How will I know whether I can have a normal delivery or whether I will have a caesarean?
  • Is having a caesarean harmful for me or my baby? If I have a caesarean, does it mean my next delivery will also be by caesarean only?
  • How much rest do I need during pregnancy?
  • I have had an abortion in the past. How do I make sure it does not happen again?
  • How many times is a sonography required during the entire pregnancy? Will it harm the baby?